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Drama and Theatre

Drama is derived from the word ‘Dramanon’ which means ‘to do’ or ‘to act’, so drama is an action. It is action done by actor on the stage. This action depends on the sequences and dialogues written by the dramatist.

‘Theater’ means to ‘see’ or to ‘view’. The audiences observe the performance of the drama while art critique views it. Thus we have performers on the stage and the observers off the stage that is in the auditorium. The term ‘Theatre’ includes both, that is, performance and its viewing. It is known as ‘Rangbhumi’.

Theatre is an art that presents the world aesthetically through dramatic action performed by actors before spectators.

The basis of theatre is dramaturgy. The synthetic nature of theatrical art makes it a collective art involving the efforts of the playwright, director, set designer, composer and actor. The building material of the theatre is the living person of the actor. It is through actor that the playwright and director realize their conceptions. The most important feature of theatre is that the creative act takes place before the eyes of the spectator.