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About Us

The supreme goal of art is all-round development of socially significant and intrinsically valuable individual. That is why art is capable of spiritualizing scientific and technological progress of illuminating it with the ideals of humanism. The all round development of the individual, the individual’s harmony with society and humanity is the supreme humane mission of art.
We, at KALA BHARATI, aim at making artists and art lovers understand the significance of art in life and keep one well informed and knowledgeable. Through KALA BHARATI we are trying to cover all aspects of art in its authentic form and make artists and art lovers available the invaluable treasures of art and practice art at its highest level and spirits.

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Tagore Professor of Fine Arts
B.Sc., B.Pharm, B.Ed, M.A.(Philosophy), M.F.A., Ph.D (Drama), D.Litt.(Fine Arts)

Director’s Desk

Art is a model of man’s activity. It is a reflection of the world. Art is the condensed expression of social practice and crystallised experience of communication. It is a concrete form of social consciousness. Art has a National character. Art as an activity has many functions. It has social and transforming function. Art as cognition and enlightenment has heuristic function. Art is a concept. It is research into the condition of the world. Art as anticipation has ability to foresee the future. Art has informative and communicative function. As catharsis art helps shaping a harmonious personality. Art has educational function and it expands the historically established boundaries of man’s experience giving him access to the historically varied experience of mankind. Art equips man with aesthetically organized, selected, generalized thought of experience. The impact of art on the sub-conscious mind has great significance in human life….

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What is Art

  • Art is expression
  • Art is imagination
  • Art is intuition
  • Art is imitation
  • Art is representation
  • Art is experience
  • Art is communicationdddd
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