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What is Art

  • Art is expression
  • Art is imagination
  • Art is intuition
  • Art is imitation
  • Art is representation
  • Art is experience
  • Art is communication
  • Art is information
  • Art is creation
  • Art is emotion
  • Art is sensitivity
  • Art is imagery
  • Art is a social phenomenon
  • Art is reflection of society
  • Art is exploration of reality
  • Art is aesthetic experience
  • Art is psychology of creation
  • Art is perception of the individual
  • Art is a concept Art is visual language
  • Art is expression of social consciousness
  • Art is condensed expression of society
  • Art is crystallized experience of communication


              Literature, performing arts, visual arts, folk arts all exist in concrete form. Why there are so many kinds of arts is a question. According to Kant, these branches are due to diversity in subjects ability. According Hegel, it is because of differentiation of the objective ideas. According to French materialists it’s because of various art Medias. All the above theories talk of consequences of the division of art and not about the reasons of its division.

              The real reason of diversity of arts lies in the fact that the human beings adopt different social practices, when they interpret the world in artistic manner. This artistic interpretation in fact rests on aesthetic richness of reality. It depends on man’s aesthetic sensibilities.

               Aristotle pointed out different reason for the branches of art. It is based on imitation theory of art. According to him as the object of imitation, media of imitation and mode of imitation are different, we have various branches of art.

              The Indian scholars have thought of 64 arts and explained their importance in social practices. One may accept and follow any theory, but we have the following major art forms which need to be understood.

1. Performing Arts

(a) Dance  (b)  Drama  (c)  Music

2. Visual Arts

(a) Painting  (b) Sculpture  (c)  Architecture

3. Applied Arts

(a) Illustration  (b)  Photography (c)  Calligraphy  (d)  Graphics

4. Folk Arts

5. Craft

Goals of Art:

              The whole world is object of artistic exploration. An artist is prompted by different motives when he tries to establish relationship with the world. What is that which motivates artist? What is the purpose of art? The answer is art exists for people and its sublime goal is humanism; and the happiness and the meaningful existence of the individual. This is general goal of art. Considering analytically art has many functions. It cognizes, educates, foretells the future. It appeals to man’s emotions by the magic of word, colour, form, shape, sound. These have hypnotic effect on the recipient. Art is also information, communication and a source of delight. Art is social practice and it has manifold purpose. But it’s main goal is to enhance the individual’s social awareness and assert his absolute value.